The Story Behind Seafarers

Most of the Crew change will be delay due the COVID-19 pandemic is making a lot of time onboard .

Dos Bocas, Mexico.- Crew change for On and Off Signers have been change, in the world, many airports with International or Local Flight are closed due the pandemic, some destinations are opening but is difficult to booking any ticket. 

The companies are looking for the best way for the crew, but it’s very difficult to have the normal crew change in this time.

Crew onboard with contract ended, are requesting to Ship companies extra SIM cards or credit for cellphone, Facebook, Skype, or other Social net for contact the Seafarers families.

“In order to keep maritime services operational, Member States should permit crew changes to take place in their ports”

According the IMO Circular Letter No. 4204/Add.11-Annex,page 6.

Companies, Governments and Seafarers Organizations around the World, need to collaborate to protect the hundreds of thousands of Crew confined on board the ships, that are requestioned to return to home.

We know that the Seafarers community have the power for  Physical and Mental Health, They have to control their own stress levels, fatigue for the extended days of services on board.

In this lines, we send our thanks for your good job!

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