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Logistic Broker

We want to be part of your International Logistics, putting at your disposal our portfolio of certified suppliers, which will be offering the best quality of service.

International freight by sea, air or land, as well as special maneuvers for oversized cargo.

Off-Shore Vessel projects are part of our DNA, we grew up with the experience and sensitivity that these types of projects require today.

Cargo Survey

The supervision of merchandise is a necessity for Importers or Exporters, having control from their office, receiving the details of the Operations in real time, are key points.

We specialize in offering you one more alternative in the market, for Quantity and Quantity control.


Customs Advisor

We can offer you Customs clearance at any Customs Office in the Country,  our way of working is to send the Customs Agent the necessary and relevant information for the Import or Export process.

This allows you to reduce the time your merchandise stays in bonded warehouses.

A prior review before you do your operation, to determine if you need to comply with any NOM or special permission from the Authorities.

We specialize in Industrial Oil & Gas.

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